Program Fee Payment Complete!

Program Fee Payment Complete!

Your Application ID:

Your program fee has been paid in full and your account has been opened! You will be able to activate your card as soon as it arrives! If you already have your card in your possession, and just now paid the program fee, we'll need a few minutes to get things set up before you can activate it. If for any reason you're not able to activate your account after 30 minutes, please call us at 877-526-5799.

Before activating your card, please review the following information.

• If you use your card for gasoline purposes, you will need to go inside the store. For security reasons, the card will be declined at the outside pump.

• Your card can be used to obtain a cash advance ninety (90) days from the open date of your account.

• Payments not made in guaranteed funds may not create available credit for up to fourteen (14) days to allow the payment to clear or if we deem ourselves at risk for any reason. Guaranteed funds that are accepted include payments in the form of bank or postal money orders, bank cashier's checks, and PayNearMe. Payments using a credit card will be declined.

• You can service your account through This will give you access to set up your account on an Automatic Payment Plan which is a convenient way to ensure that your monthly minimum payments post to your account by the due date each month. We also offer access to online statements, and you will be able to view account activity online.

• Please refer to your Credit Card agreement for the full terms of your account.

• If you have your card in your possession, please provide the following information for verification purposes and click the "Activate My Card" button below.

Now that you've paid your Program Fee, any future payments will be applied towards your Credit Card Account. In order to make payments online, you'll need to register on our card payments site at Click the link, or here to be redirected.